Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Review: Cleopatra's Daughter by Michelle Moran

Egypt and it's heirs are in the hands of Rome, the hands of their enemy Octavian. Cleopatra VII, the last ruler of Ancient Egypt is dead, along with her husband, Marc Antony. But they leave behind their children, Cleopatra Selene and Alexander Helios, and this is the story of what becomes of them after they have lost their family, their home, and everything they ever knew and loved.

I wondered how the life of Cleopatra's daughter after the fall of Alexandria could be eventful enough to fill a novel. All I really knew about Selene was that after her parent's deaths, she was taken to Rome where she live with Octavian's sister, her father's former wife, until she was married to Juba II of Numidia and became Queen of Mauretania. While the emotional turmoil of living with the "enemy" might be ripe for a novel, there's only so much that will fill. But Michelle Moran really knows how to weave an intriguing story. Both eventful and with great character development, Selene's story comes to life along side the time period she lived in. Several times I found myself reading passed the point I'd planned to stop for the night - I literally could not put it down. My only complaint is that the Afterward made me want to read a sequel novel!

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