Thursday, April 21, 2016

Hawkwood (Matthew Hawkwood #1) by James McGee

A former army Captain and sharpshooter who is now a Bow Street Runner investigates a highway robbery and several murders which plunge him back into the conflict between Britain and Napoleon.

An interesting enough plot with interesting enough characters, and yet at times it sort of dragged. It was like all the parts in between the action scenes felt like filler, and although the characters had good backstories, they still seemed superficial or artificial at times. I also didn't find McGee's portrayal of female characters very believable, I don't think he understands real women very well.

I thought it had real potential at first, but it never really seemed to take the next step to something that makes me want to carry on the series. It was lacking the sort of wit or cleverness it seemed to promise. It's not a terrible read, and I can see how some would enjoy it, but it just wasn't as captivating as I was expecting.

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