Friday, May 6, 2016

Review: Rebellion's Message by Michael Jecks

Advanced review copy from publisher via NetGalley. My opinions are my own.

Release Date: August 1, 2016

A petty thief happens upon a coded message regarding the rebellion against Queen Mary in 1554 and winds up falsely accused of murder in the process.

Written with a tongue-in-cheek wit, it has a fun plot, but the characterization was lacking. The side characters didn't have much development, and the main character, though a likable rogue, sometimes came across as immature and not very bright. The author was using the main character's ignorance as a way to explain things to the reader (ie, someone explains it to the main character so it gets explained to the reader too). The downside to this is it makes the main character seem stupid but admittedly, the immaturity was often a part of the humor too so sometimes the author got away with it.

It's a good read if you're looking for something quick and light but don't expect too much from the characters.

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