Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Review: Christmas in America by Holly Bush, Piper Huguley, Joanna Shupe, and Donna Thorland

This is a compilation of short historical romance stories set during Christmas time. Since each story is independent of each other with what I felt was varying degrees of writing quality, I'll do a short review of each one.

Into the Evermore started off really well with a great hook to catch your interest but after that it was a little boring. It was like it climaxed at the opening and then nothing really happened after that. Additionally the writing quality wasn't great and probably needed an editor, or a better editor. Particularly in the beginning, there are a few paragraphs where literally every sentence in the paragraph starts with the same pronoun.

The Cowboy's Christmas was also a little lack luster. The characterization seemed good on the surface but I felt like there wasn't much depth. The writing was okay but the dialogue could be a little hokey sometimes.

Miracle on Ladies' Mile was an excellent Mr. Selfridge-esque story set in the Gilded Age. Great writing with compelling characters you just want to know more about. Just the right amount of humor in it too.

Christmas at Mount Holly. No surprise I loved this one. Donna Thorland is a great storyteller and she did not disappoint. We finally get a bit more of a glimpse into The Widow's backstory, an absolute must read for anyone following Thorland's series.

There's some very sexy scenes in here so not one for the clean romance fans (I say bring it on though).

So although I didn't love the first two stories, I adored the second two, and I guess that means the rating averages out to about 3 stars.

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